CanSaRCC is a growing community of clinicians and researchers across Canada united by a common interest in Sarcoma and a dedication to extracting new knowledge from clinical and scientific activities. 


CanSaRCC Core Team:

CanSaRCC Steering Committee:

CanSaRCC Financial Oversight Committe:

Volunteers with CanSaRCC:

  • Caroline Mary Rodrigues: Medical Sciences, Western University, Toronto
  • Rachel Aubrey: Biochemistry, McMaster University, Toronto
  • Shai Fridboim: Computer Sciences, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
  • Dr. Zainab Bhura: International MD, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Toronto
  • Rhea Jangra: Medical Student, Queen's University, Toronto
  • Najifah Tasnim: Bachelor of Health Sciences, McMaster University, Toronto
  • Delaney Sharp: Bachelor of Science Biology and Psychology, Queen’s University , Toronto
  • Avery Leung: Master of Health Sciences, University of Toronto , Toronto
  • Pat Vellalaghan: Industrial Engineering, Ryerson University, Toronto