Luigi Russo (2022 - Current)
Research Student Bachelor of Health and Human Kinetics Ohio Wesleyan University and BC Cancer Kelowna

I am Luigi, a recent graduate and former varsity baseball player from Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware Ohio! I was fortunate to have received my Bachelor of Arts in May 2022, while majoring in Health and Human Kinetics with a specialization in Exercise Science. Throughout my undergraduate experience, I was exposed to a holistic education that varied from liberal arts to medical science coursework. I have learned to not only love the macro-level sciences, but also the molecular level as well. I was immersed into research my senior year while designing and leading a study for varsity athletes. These experiences have influenced my passion in clinical research and specifically lead me to CanSaRCC and sarcoma research. I am excited to collaborate with CanSaRCC to further expand my knowledge of clinical research and learn from their passionate team of individuals!