Anisha Rakkar (2022 - Current)
Research Student Life Sciences McMaster University and Princess Margaret Hospital Toronto

I am Anisha, a recent graduate from the Life Sciences program at McMaster University! Throughout my undergraduate education, I have had the privilege of being immersed in traditional science disciplines, along with science communication and social science disciplines. The union of these different areas of study has given me a new appreciation for science and research. I have come to recognize that they complement each other very well and I have used this insight to develop multidisciplinary approaches towards discussing and solving problems. During my last year at McMaster, I completed my thesis in the field of ophthalmology where I examined patient preferences between same day and next day follow-up appointments after cataract and glaucoma surgeries. This experience sparked my interest to further engage in clinical research, such as CanSaRCC. With CanSaRCC, I hope to collaborate with peers from various backgrounds, continue to tackle challenges, and acquire knowledge regarding disease biology!