Avery Leung (2021 - 2023)
Research Student Master of Health Sciences University of Toronto and Princess Margaret Hospital Toronto

Hello! My name is Avery and I have recently been added to the CanSaRCC team as a Volunteer Research Student. I am super excited to be contributing to such a great cause. I believe that in a world where technology is so prevalent, we should be using it to benefit others, such as by improving healthcare and the dissemination of health-related information. I believe that the research and data collection CanSaRCC does is doing just that in advancing our knowledge on sarcomas. I have recently completed my undergraduate studies in Honours Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo (Apri 2021), and I will be starting my Master of Health Science in Translational Research at the University of Toronto in September 2021. I look forward to learning more about research and how it can be used to improve healthcare and medicine.