Mrs. Courtny Vandervelde
Financial Oversight Committee Fundraising Advisor/Major Gifts Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation Toronto

Courtny Vandervelde is a Director, Major Gifts, at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. She is passionate about engaging with donors, volunteers, and healthcare partners to help accelerate world-leading sarcoma research and enable Future Care Now for patients locally, across Canada and around the world. Courtny has been a member of the team since 2015 when she first began raising funds for various cancer care and research initiatives. Courtny has the privilege of working alongside various stakeholders, including researchers, clinicians, scientists and senior leaders at the Cancer Centre. Her work focuses on various disease sites and programs, including sarcoma, neuro-oncology (CNS), laboratory medicine and ocular oncology to raise much-needed funds that support these areas. Her passion for healthcare philanthropy began with a personal connection to cancer and it’s become a catalyst to help improve the health and wellness of Canadians. Prior to joining the Major Gifts team, Courtny led the world’s largest road hockey fundraiser, Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer. Since 2011, over fifteen-thousand passionate individuals have helped to raise over $25M to enable world-class cancer research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre.