Dr. Tushar Vora
Alumini Medical Fellow Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and Sickkids CanSaRCC and AYA

After receiving his MD in India, Dr. Vora served for more than a decade at India’s largest tertiary cancer referral center, Tata Memorial Hospital. In his current role as a Clinical Fellow at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Tushar is focusing on his interest in the research and treatment of sarcoma. He has a particular passion for providing dedicated care and research for adolescents and young adults with sarcoma, and wants to further their cause through advocacy and by empowering their own voices. Clinical trials provide a safe haven and specialized resources for patients. Unfortunately, too often, they are not available to many sarcoma patients. Dr. Vora is collating real-life data on a trial for patients with sarcoma. He’s looking at the use of tyrosine kinase inhibitors – targeted therapies that identify and attack specific types of cancer cells. Now that he has completed the analysis of patients who received the treatment in Toronto, at SickKids and The Princess Margaret, he is working with the CanSaRCC team on a national collaboration to bring together data from across the country.