Canadian Sarcoma Clinical and Research Collaboration


Thank you for becoming a CanSaRCC member! There are 2 different types of CanSaRCC membership: general and contributing.

What is a General Member?

General Members are physicians and scientists who would like to declare their status as providers in the care of patients with sarcoma.

What is a Contributing Member?

Contributing Members are physicians and scientists who would like to contribute clinical data and/or tissue to our national database. Only Contributing Members will then have access to data/tissue submitted for specific projects that have been approved.

  General Member Contributing Member
Access to the Site
View all Project Requests
View Membership Directory
Access to all Forms
Ability to Submit a Project Request
Ability to Submit Clinical Data to DADOS
Free Use of DADOS

Become a Contributing Member

In order to become a contributing member that will permit you to submit and access data, you must complete step 1, 2 and 3. Upon completion, your site will receive $1000 as start-up funds.

Step 1

Register to the CanSaRCC website and check the "contributing member" checkbox
Step 2

We will approve your request within 24 hours
You are now a contributing member

Step 3

 Ensure your institution has a signed legal contract

Step 4

Begin your local REB submission 

Step 5

Log into

Step 6

Download the “Project and Data Request Application”(
Step 7

When completing the "Submit Project Request" form( upload the completed and signed “Project and Data Request Application”
Step 8

Fill the data elements/fields request form(
Step 9

Upload your signed REB approval letter from your local institution(
Step 10

CanSaRCC Steering Committee will review your request
Step 11

Once approved, your project status will become "Active"
Step 12

DADOS Account creation(
Step 13

Start Patient consent and Data Submission
Step 14

You'll get the data as per your request via email