Bert Orland Wasmund - Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma

Bert Orland Wasmund, PhD, P.Eng, CM​ (Sept 10, 1939 – Jan 30, 2022)

Bert was diagnosed with Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma (and non-small cell squamous carcinoma) in the fall of 2018 after a CAT scan to investigate an unexplained enlargement of one kidney, identified through a routine abdominal ultrasound.  Bert credited early identification while it was asymptomatic as a key to his successful treatment.  During the measurement of the sarcoma,  NSCSC tumours in the lungs were incidentally discovered.  Coordinating the treatment of both cancers would be a challenging task, however the  multi-disciplinary centres of excellence at the UHN were extremely cooperative in working with Bert and their respective discipline teams to tackle the challenge.  In particular, Bert was very grateful for the excellent, empathic and diligent care of Drs. Savtaj Brar (Mt Sinai), Natascha Leighl (Princess Margaret) and Marcelo Cypel (UHN), as well as many others.  These doctors went above and beyond to educate, support and care for Bert and his family.  As a result, the cancers were successfully treated and in remission, and Bert received another three years of life with family and friends before he eventually passed on.  

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