Canadian Sarcoma Clinical and Research Collaboration

About CanSaRCC

The Canadian Sarcoma Research and Clinical Collaboration is a group of physicians, scientists and other health care providers across Canada who have joined together to form a team to facilitate interdisciplinary scientific collaborations and perform clinical and translation research in sarcoma.
The Vision of CanSaRCC is to improve the outcome for patients with sarcoma.

Our Mission is to develop a comprehensive bioinformatics national network that will capture high quality data, linked to a biorepository for quantity and quality research and survey.
Our multidisciplinary clinical and research team has developed a web-enabled registry, prospective clinical database and virtual biobanking to: 1) collect clinical data, and 2) provide access to biospecimens and other related information to better understand the biology of soft tissue and bone sarcoma, and improve patient outcome.
Our Canadian Sarcoma Patient - Centered Registry includes data from consenting individuals with Sarcoma in Canada, in compliance with agreed inclusion criteria and delineations. 
We hope to use information collected to answer questions, including, but not limited to:
  1. Novel insights into disease biology

  2. Design of new clinical trials

  3. Understanding patient outcome – especially of rare subtypes of sarcoma

  4. Quality of life

  5. Molecular profiling

Our Supporters

CanSaRCC is supported by philanthropic funding through the Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. To help us improve the outcome for patients with sarcoma, please give today. 

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We are especially grateful for the generous support of PANOV2 and the Wilson Family.

Patrick Wilson was diagnosed with metastatic embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma  (ERMS) when he was 18 years old. At that time, he asked about the possibility of capturing information from all patients diagnosed with sarcoma across Canada.  His hope is to ultimately improve the outcome of individuals diagnosed with sarcoma. Learn more about Patrick's story.


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Mailing Address:
Canadian Sarcoma Research and Clinical Collaboration (CanSaRCC)
Princess Margaret
OPG, 700 University Avenue
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Telephone: 416-586-4800 x 2424